Wedding Day Themes
14 Apr 2015

Wedding Day Themes

Wedding Day Themes

One of the earliest discussions when planning your wedding will be about how you will theme your special day?

Both the bride and groom will have thought about it at some point, big and bold, small and intimate, pick or silver, indoors or outdoors. But how does it all come together? The best answer I can come up with is with time and patience.

It is important to remember the day is all about you and your special someone. You will undoubtedly be given endless amounts of advice from well-meaning parents, friends and colleagues. But when all is said and done the most important thing to remember is the day is yours.

Some important tips when planning your special event are:

  • Is there are story to be told? Consider this when choosing a venue. Is it significant to you and your partner?
  • Cost! It may seem appealing to get married in a marbled Grand Ballroom, but is the day really any less significant if it were held in a bush chapel, at a beach or even in a back yard?
  • Decorations? Does the venue for your wedding really need all those decorations or can they be saved for the reception venue or the money reinvested in the honeymoon instead?
  • Will your celebrant join the fun and theming? This is an important point. A good celebrant is flexible and willing to accommodate a couples needs as much as practical and possible.

Whether you choose pink or gold, a casual beach wedding, a bush chapel or a grand ballroom – make the day yours but most importantly remember to HAVE FUN. The couple featured in this post at Bridal Musings sure did with their Super Hero themed¬†wedding, and how could we forget this incredible wedding entrance……


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