Rain doesn’t have to dampen your special day
05 Jan 2015

Rain doesn’t have to dampen your special day

Rain doesn’t have to dampen your special day

Rain doesn’t have to dampen your special day! Some careful planning and preparation can ensure everything runs smoothly and the smiles aren’t washed off your dials.My top tips to be prepared for wet weather when planning an outdoor wedding.

1) Chat to the venue coordinator at the reception venue at the time of booking about early access for the wedding should it be needed.

2) Think about an alternate pair of flat shoes. Those lovely Stilettos might look amazing but even if it is not raining on your special day, rain in the days before may make the ground soggy and you don’t want that sinking feeling or worse a twisted ankle or to take a tumble on the day.

3) Make a list of contact numbers of all your guests, your celebrant and other important people like the photographer and chauffeur. Divide this list between the best men and have them advise everyone of any changes. The bride and groom have enough to worry about without calling everyone as well.

4) Make the decision to change location early and be comfortable with it. Even if the sun does come out at the last minute it is not the most important thing. The day is about the two of you. Enjoy it for what it is.

5) Speaking to your photographer, sometimes they will arrange an alternate day for photos or have back up locations in their bag of tricks.

6) Don’t forget the umbrellas. Purchasing some nice colour coordinated ones early in the process never goes astray and they can always be used later.

7) Make-up, can be tricky in wet weather, you don’t want it to run, so be sure to speak with your make-up artist about water proof make-up or minimal application. It can always be topped up before you go indoors at the reception.


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