Outdoor Weddings – fun and look great but careful planning required.
17 Apr 2015

Outdoor Weddings – fun and look great but careful planning required.

Outdoor Weddings – fun and look great but careful planning required.

Outdoor weddings can look great and can be a lot of fun but careful planning is required.

The first step is to contact your local council to ensure you can use your preferred location.

Most of the local councils in South East Queensland make the relevant booking forms and information available online, and some like Brisbane City Council have virtual tours and an online booking options. Check out the links at the end of this post for your local council.

I have blogged a few times with important hints and tips for outdoor weddings, but one of most important considerations would have to be weather. You can read some tips about dealing with heat and humidity here and rain and wet weather here.

When considering an outdoor wedding consideration should be given to accessibility, not only for the Bride and Groom but also any guests they may be attending, particularly the elderly and those with special mobility requirements.

Most councils also ban the use of confetti in parks, however organic items such as rose petals or rice are often allowed. Bubbles are also a fun alternative, however it is important to check what is in the fluid as you don’t want to stain your wedding clothes.

Some Considerations

  • Some councils and parks managers put restrictions on the use of tent pegs for marquees, be sure to check with your marquee supplier, if you are using one, about supplying sandbags.
  • Where will your guests be seated? Do you need to hire seating?
  • If it is hot, can somebody bring an esky or container with chilled water for guests?
  • Do you have a back-up plan? If it is blowing a gale rain is bucketing down or the park is a little too sodden, where can you go?
  • Is power available? Does your celebrant provide a Portable PA System?

Councils and park managers may charge a fee for the park or location you book, so be prepared and make sure you read the fine print as there may be a bond required as well. The big advantage to booking is that the parks manager will often ensure booking signs as placed in the area and the lawns are mowed and tidy before your event.

Also don’t forget to book early. Outdoor weddings are increasing in popularity, to avoid disappointment, make sure you book your location as early as possible.

If you will be hiring and equipment, for examples, sound equipment, chairs, marquees or even red carpet make sure you make enquiries about these early as well.

Council Links

Do you have some more handy hints or tips for outdoor weddings? Share them below.


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