Choosing a Celebrant

Choosing a Celebrant

It is vitally important that you have the right celebrant or emcee for you and your event.

As such it is important to know your celebrant will suit your style and adapt to what you have in mind so that you can be sure your ceremony will run your way.

Is your celebrant willing to work and liaise with all the other professionals involved with your special event? The venue coordinator, the photographer, the musicians? Will they work with you to ensure the readers, PA system and most importantly the wedding party are placed with care and thought for the most intimate and personal ceremony possible?

These things take thought, consideration, skill and experience. Read below for some ideas on questions to ask when choosing a celebrant.

Questions to ask your celebrant

Before choosing a celebrant there are some essential questions to ask.

  • Does your potential celebrant offer a no obligation initial meeting?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What is involved?
  • What paper work do you need?
  • Are they qualified and registered?

Matt Constance, Marriage Celebrant, is happy to meet, obligation free, with couples to discuss their potential ceremony requirements. Depending on your location, this can be done at a mutually convenient place and time, face to face, over the phone or via Skype. Whereever possible it is best to have both partners involved in the meeting.

Is your celebrant registered and qualified?

    To be able to conduct legal wedding ceremonies in Australia, you must be an Authorised Marriage Celebrant. To be registered and maintain your registration as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant a person must
  • Complete national recognised training (Currently a Cert IV level course) and pass a “Fit and Proper Person” test
  • Pay a registration fee
  • Undertake annual Ongoing Professional Development training through an industry provider
  • Pay an annual renewal/registration fee to the Department of Attorney General
  • As your chosen Marriage Celebrant Matt Constance has undertaken two Certificate IV courses and under takes annual professional development through one of Queensland’s leading Celebrant educators
  • Matt Constance, Marriage Celebrant, is happy to provide copies of his qualifications and annual renewal from the Department of Attorney General for viewing on request

Does your Celebrant have a PA System?

On your wedding day many of your guests may have travelled long distances to hear and witness your commitment and listen as you share your special words so it is important to have a good sound system. When choosing a celebrant with a PA system always check that the system complies with the New 2015 wireless PA licensing and legislation requirements.

  • Does the PA system require power or is it a portable system and does the celebrant have back up batteries.
  • Are the microphones wired, wireless or both?
  • Can you connect an iPod, Phone, MP3 Player, CD Player or other device for music before the ceremony and during the signing?
  • Matt Constance, Marriage Celebrant, has performed ceremonies at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues and will share his experience with you to ensure the right equipment is used on the day for the best value and volume possible for the location of your wedding or ceremony.

Is your celebrant creative and flexible?

You know better than anyone what you want for your special day. It is important that your celebrant will work with you to shape your special ceremony.

  • I want to write my own vows or ceremony, will you help?
  • What will your celebrant be wearing? Will your celebrant only wear a suit or “formal” attire? This may be a sign of an inflexible attitude and poor approach to customer service.
  • Is it ok to involve my children/friends/pets?
  • I want to get married on a beach, in a park, or on a mountain, is this ok? Getting Married on a beach? A male celebrant wearing a full double breasted suit or a female celebrant in high heels may not be the most appropriate look or feel for your special day.
  • Many couples wish to write or contribute to writing their own ceremony. Matt Constance is happy to provide guidance at the initial meeting and through follow up communications by providing ceremony suggestions etc.
  • As your dedicated Marriage Celebrant, Matt Constance will discuss any theming and try to incorporate that subtly wherever possible, the may be a simple as a tie or pocket handkerchief in a particular colour, a more casual style for a beach wedding or even a costume. (see here for a Superhero themed wedding)

Will your celebrant be accessible??

Planning your special event can be stressful and time consuming. An accessible celebrant can provide peace of mind during the planning stages for your special event.
It is important that you feel comfortable communicating with your celebrant and that they are accessible.

  • Will your celebrant be available for a rehearsal before the event?
  • How often will they meet and communicate with your?
  • Are there any fees “extra” communication?
  • As a celebrant Matt Constance usually meets with couples three times before the wedding, at the Initial meeting, for a progress catch up (usually to discuss the ceremony and vows etc in finer detail), and at the rehearsal. But this changes depending on individual circumstances.
  • Throughout the process Matt Constance, Marriage Celebrant, is always available to his clients via phone and email to assist with planning and to discuss their event.

What other support can your celebrant provide?

It is important to know what other assistance your celebrant can provide. Not just in the lead up to your event, but also after.

  • Will your celebrant assist with obtaining an “Official” Wedding certificate?
  • What about changing my name after the ceremony? How do I do this?
  • Upon request your celebrant, Matt Constance, will submit a Marriage Certificate Application Form. This will provide you with an official copy of your Marriage Certificate from the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages. This is in addition to the serialised Ceremony Certificate you receive at your ceremony.
  • Matt Constance, Marriage Celebrant, can also assist with Change of Name kits if required.

Want to know more? Are you ready to choose the celebrant for your special event? Contact Matt Constance – Authorised Marriage Celebrant today.